Your numbers are few. Your struggle against the children of darkness has driven you away from the warmth of mankind. You have been forced to hunt in secrecy, hidden from the humanity you've set out to protect. Your footsteps have left their traces in the darkest and filthiest corners of the world. Still, screams of vampires slain by your weapons haunt you in your nightmares on gloomy nights.

The teeth.

The unnatural, wild rage.

Living death, mocking life itself.

Your order has become your family, small as it may be. It is your only refuge from a world in which you would be branded as fools. In between every year you have all gathered. Now you are to meet again; this time not only for the sake of tradition, but also toward off a new threat . The rumor you have heard bears signs of a frightening truth: One of you has been ripped away from human life and has become one of them, one of your own has been turned. This person, whoever it may be, must be found and purified by death. For this purpose, the Master of the Order has summoned you all.

None of you can tell how the children of the night have gotten so close to you. There is no telling who it might be. What you all do know is this: No one is safe until the creature is revealed. One of those gathered for the meeting must not survive it, lest it be the end of the entire Order.