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No Man’s Land as a larp name has a double meaning – it’s both the name of the larp itself and a vast unpopulated area of this fictional world, and the area in which the larp takes place. As a place No Man’s Land is surrounded by myths and rumours. It’s said to be cursed and filled with monsters. It’s a land most adventurers hasn’t dared to travel and rulers has not dared to conquer…

That is until recently, when two different groups of explorers decided, each with their own reasons, to venture into No Man’s Land. While their motive, to explore No Man’s Land, is the same, their reasons to do so are different.

The first group of explorers come from Delanja; from a people who regard knowledge highly. They are inventive, intelligent and highly educated with a system of universities. They are also quite concious about appearances. On the Queen’s orders, a group of explorers have assembled and are now in on their way further into No Man’s Land. The group has been split, though, and some of the members have disappeared.

The other group are the Gokrans, a group divided into pirates and adventurers who hired the previously mentioned. By the time of the larp a mutiny has already happened, and the Capitán of the ship is back in charge of the expedition. The group is looking for treasure, but also for unknown technology.

Rising from below the surface of the earth, the Telmars have arrived to the surface world only two days ago; they are the original inhabitants of what now is called No Man’s Land. A disaster struck their settlements, forcing them to retreat into underground sanctuaries to survive. Twentyeight generations later, a couple of groups of explorers have been sent to find their way out and discover the forgotten lands of the Surface World. The larp focuses on one of these few groups.

When and Where?

No Man’s Land will take place on the 5-7 of August 2016, at Fagerbacka Fäbodställe in Ostabothnia in Finland.

The sign up for the larp opens 17.1.2016 at 12:00 pm and closes the 29.2.216 at 11:59 pm.

The sign up fee is 40€ with a 10€ discount for members of the rolplaying association Eloria.

Payment information:

Account name: Eloria rf
Account number, IBAN: FI05 5670 0820 1902 86
Reference number: 10524

The deadline for payment is 3.6.2016.

More detailed information about how to get to the larp venue is posted in Swedish under this link, and will also be posted in English on the blog. If you don’t know Swedish well enough to understand the text on the sign up page, but still want to participate, you can contact Johanna Granvik though e-mail.


'No Man’s Land' started with a map of a fictional world and a teenager’s dream of writing and organizing a larp. With the help of two more experienced co-organizers the dream came to life. It felt like the world had gotten a life of its own and was becoming more and more realistic and complex.

Where the story takes us will be greatly influenced by the players and their choices during the larp. Me and my co-organizers are just as curious as you participants about where we’re going after No Man’s Land.

This campaign will focus on the fun of gaming, blurring the genres of classic fantasy, renaissance and steampunk together, and bringing in pirates on airships as well as DaVinci-like inventions. It will hopefully be an engaging adventure.

In this campaign I want everyone to feel welcome, rerardless of whether you’ve been larping for ages or never tried larping before; whether you are young or old; whether you speak Swedish or not. This is very important to me and we organizers will work hard to accomplish this.

- Linn Törnqvist

Further information

In relation to the website we will also publish a blog. There you will find more information about the larp as well as other useful information about larping, such as camp life and the making of larp gear. We will also publish nessessary information about the larp in English.

For further questions you may e-mail us or call us. Johanna Granvik (contact details below) will be available for non-Swedish speaking players.

Organizers and Contact

Linn Törnqvist
050 3513501
linn.tornqvist[ at ]gmail[ . ]com

Fredrik Westblom
040 0282132
westblom.fredrik[ at ]gmail[ . ]com

Johanna Granvik
040 8457643
johanna.granvik[ at ]outlook[ . ]com

The larp is organized by the Fennoswedish roleplaying association Eloria.